Meet VP: Keri Time

 Who Are You? 

 I’m 26 years old, from Pukenui in the Far North. I started working in Logistics after Uni. I studied a Business degree (heyyy AUT BBUS grads, I see you) with a double major in management and international Business.  As part of this, I spent my final semester of Uni interning in Shanghai which was definitely a culture shock but lovedddd the city and the experience set me up well for my role now in Logistics. I started with a company straight after Uni and have jumped around a whole bunch of roles during my 5 years in the industry and given me great grounding for the freight forwarding world. I have moved around a bit, spent a year working in Hong Kong and just recently accepted a role in our Melbourne office (COVID dependant).

Why Thrift?   

I was quite late to the thrifting game compared to my family... Mum always loved finding really good quality wool coats from op shops, and my older sister lived in Wellington for a spell. She came back with some amazinggg gear.
BUT it was Rita that actually pushed me into it more seriously about 12 months ago; we took a couple of trips to Wellington and Melbourne – both hipster central but such great vintage shopping. She also dragged me to all the ones around Auckland. I saw how cool and unique her purchases were; she had decided to make a conscious effort to either shop local or only buy vintage, and made it look so easy (Spoiler alert, it is). She also got fed up with me “borrowing” (aka never returning) her vintage clothes all the time, so at that point I was forced to start looking for myself.

What Started VP?

After I got in the thrifting zone, we were having a drink at our local bar (where all our business meetings now take place – love you Holy Hop in Kingsland) and I was complaining that it took so much time to check all these stores to find exactly what we wanted for our style of vintage. I’m a pretty impatient shopper. I have to have been fed recently, caffeinated and have at least 8hrs sleep to really be in the mood to go through racks and racks of clothing. 
I find a lot of vintage sellers' focus is on streetwear, which we do love - but we also love having wool coats, a good silk blouse, a linen top or men’s blazer. We were both a bit frustrated in our 2020 situations (who wasn’t) and my only current hobby was drinking (Rita is pretty crafty and has actual hobbies). We were about of a jug of cider in and were like fuck it! Let’s give it a crack.
BAM. VP was born.
We kept it pretty quiet until we launched, because it’s actually a brave thing to A) start your own business and B) select clothes that we like, and hope and pray others will buy it! Quite a daunting concept. I felt like we were really putting ourselves and our goals out for public judgement. The result has been amazing though, we had so much support from friends and family.  It’s not easy nor an overnight success, I think what no one really talks about starting your own business is that it’s about being consistent, hard work and at your cost, every time for every drop - but we fucking love it!
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